Innovative retaining ring

The company SCHLEGEL developed a special fixing mechanism. Using an innovative retaining ring, the contact element and the pushbutton or switch are connected easily and quickly.

The contact elements of the series SHORTRON for base-plate mounting do not have a permanent fixing mechanism, in order to enable a simple installation and connection between the PCB and the pushbuttons and switches. This construction allows a space-saving installation with small mounting depths. So far, stud bolts had to be soldered to the front plate to fix the PCB and to ensure a firm connection between the contact blocks and the pushbuttons and switches. This costs additional time and effort.

The developers at SCHLEGEL decided to tackle this issue, in order to find a more simple, quick, and cost-effective solution. With great success! The new, innovative retaining ring made of polyamide (PA) makes stud bolts redundant. The contact block is inserted into the retaining ring and soldered to the PCB. That way, the retaining ring stays fixed between the contact block and the PCB. The fully equipped PCB can then easily and firmly be connected with the pushbuttons and switches, using the locking mechanism of the retaining rings.

The locking mechanism consists of two turning locks which are put through the PCB, so they can be accessed and operated from the rear side. The hooks of the turning locks grab into the openings of the actuators, and that way firmly fix the contact block to the pushbutton or switch.