Panel mount jacks

Creating connection: Panel mount jacks enable us to cross technical barriers easily to get access to machines. Several devices and systems can be connected to machines via this interface technology. GEORG SCHLEGEL GmbH & Co. KG offers panel mount jacks for a wide variety of applications. Based on our broad variety of connection types, mounting apertures and variants with small mounting depths, we are able to meet a wide range of diverse requirements.


Mounting apertures
22.3mm cross section (series RONTRON-R-JUWEL and RONTRON-Q-JUWEL), 23 x 23mm (OKTRON-JUWEL), 24x48mm (QUARTRON-JUWEL), adapter plate for 30.5mm is available as well

Connection types
We offer the following connection types (front and rear side, depending on the series):


  • USB (Typ A, B und C) 
  • FireWire 
  • RJ 45
  • Lichtwellenleiter 
  • M12 
  • PS2 
  • HDMI 
  • Klinkenstecker 
  • SVHS 
  • VGA 
  • RS232 

The panel mount jacks are available with silver-coloured, stainless steel (polished) and black front bezel.

In addition, you can choose from a variety of suitable accessories like protective covers, illumination rings or connecting cables.