Emergency-Stops With Illuminated Status Indication Active/Inactive

The functional principle: If the plant part equipped with the fix mounted emergency-stop – for example as a module of a production line – is in operation, the actuator is active and signals its readiness for operation by a red illumination. If the module is disconnected from the production line, the emergency-stop is inactive, is no longer illuminated and remains grey. Thus, in case of emergency an inadvertent operation of the inactive emergency-stop is being significantly reduced, as it is no longer identified as emergency-stop. The Schlegel active/inactive emergency-stops fulfil the requirements of the standard DIN EN ISO 13850:2015.

Active illuminated emergency-stops, like e.g. SIL_QRBDUVOOM125 are additionally equipped with an integrated diagnostic unit. It steadily monitors the illumination status and thus ensures the perceptibility of an active emergency-stop. If there is a total or only partial failure of the illumination the emergency-stop signal is activated automatically and the installation is put into the safe status.

Not-Halt-Taster in Verbindung mit einem Sicherheitsrelais

functional principle of SIL_QRBDUVOOM125 with diagnostic unit


The active-illuminated emergency-stops are available for mounting diameters:

- Ø 16 mm
- Ø 22 mm


Or as plug & play solution in an enclosure with mounting plate and M12 connector for a quick and easy installation.