emergency-stop switches

Robust and safe: Schlegel emergency-stop switches

In dangerous situations, emergency-stop switches can protect from serious injuries or even safe life. Schlegel emergency-stops convince customers in the whole world: Mechanical robustness, outstanding functionality and safety as well as the attractive design are good arguments for using our emergency-stop switches. Our switches are TÜV certified and available in different shapes, dimensions and suitable for our standard and AS-Interface contact blocks.

Emergency-stops with illuminated status indication active/inactive
In order to avoid the mixing up of active and inactive emergency-stops it was necessary until recently to lock away or cover the inactive emergency-stop to make it unrecognisable as soon as the relating operating panel or plant part was no longer connected to the overall system. Based on the new EN ISO 13850:2015 emergency-stops now can also indicate the actual operating status by a corresponding illumination. In order to increase the work safety and better recognisability of inactive emergency-stops Schlegel has developed emergency-stops which signal the active and inactive status according to this principle.

Self-monitoring Contact Blocks for Emergency Stops
The self-monitoring contact blocks developed by Schlegel work reliably even in case of negligent assembly or mechanical damage. The functional principle: In case of a negligent assembly or a mechanical damage (separation of contact block from the actuator) the self-monitoring emergency-stop contact block ensures the immediate automatic activation of the emergency-off signal. The installation is switched off and can only be restarted after successful trouble-shooting.

Safety@Work allows you to expand existing AS-Interface systems by emergency-stop switches and other safety-related components. Please ask our sales staff about the significant advantages – we will be glad to advise you!

That's what our emergency-stop programme offers:

  • all emergency-stop switches are TÜV certified
  • panel cut-outs: Ø 16.2 mm, Ø 22.3 mm, Ø 30,5 mm or 23 x 23 mm, 24 x 24 mm, 26 x 26 mm
  • clearly visible switching position indicator
  • twist release (in either direction) or pull release
  • tightness from IP65 to IP69K, depending on the model
  • emergency-stop contact blocks complying with EN60947-5-5 and EN13850
  • contact blocks with positive opening acc. to IEC60947-5-1, one or two-channel versions are available
  • even low currents (5mA at 24V or less) can be switched reliably
  • standard contact blocks as well as AS-Interface (Safety@ Work) contact units are available
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