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SCHLEGEL's new USB-charging jacks: Double the charge

Mobile devices are part of our everyday life and have to be available everytime, everywhere. It is all the more important to recharge the battery in time and fast. Our new and very powerful charging jacks fulfil these requirements.

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Protection cap made of stainless steel

In order to protect panel mount jacks and pushbuttons or switches from liquids and dirt, SCHLEGEL has developed a protection cap made of stainless steel. It is also suitable for hygienic applications and is designed with appealing details.

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Interview: "If there is vibration, always go for push-in"

What is better, a contact block with screw connection or push-in technology? Both variants have their advantages. Torsten Singer, product manager at GEORG SCHLEGEL, explains when he would use push-in and what he sees as its benefits.

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MK contact block range: Timesaving connecting technology

The company GEORG SCHLEGEL has expanded its MK contact block range: In addition to the contact blocks with screw connection, we now offer contact blocks with push-in connection. With the push-in technology, connecting contact blocks becomes easy.

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Modulare bus system: Controlling pushbuttons and switches via IO-Link

Fieldbus systems, industrial Ethernet and also IO-Link are part of the industrial field and simplify the structure of automation systems. To easily integrate different elements into the control of machines or systems, the Modular Bus System (MBS) of SCHLEGEL is useful. SCHLEGEL has recently expanded its MBS with a basic and an extension module to control pushbuttons and switches via IO-Link.

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Wireless interface for industrial networks

Wireless applications are becoming more and more common in the industrial sector. However, the corresponding interfaces or access points are often not available. In order to solve this issue, we introduce our WLAN interface and Wi-Fi antenna as panel mount jacks.

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Small, yet dynamic power package

New contact block series MK of GEORG SCHLEGEL GmbH & Co. KG.

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Radio systems are more flexible

Cell phones, garage opener or navigation systems: We use wireless solutions naturally in our everyday life while the industry still mainly uses wired solutions to control machines. But here, too, radio systems gain ground as SCHLEGEL product manager Torsten Singer explains. The reason is that radio systems offer clear advantages for certain fields of application.

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Small pushbutton with Faston terminals

The mYnitron range for 16.2 mm mounting holes is expanding. SCHLEGEL developed a variant with Faston terminals for the mYnitron range.

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Double the charge

Mobile devices are part of our everyday life and have to be available everytime, everywhere. It is all the more important to recharge the battery in time and fast. The new USB-A charging jack from Schlegel has been designed to do exactly that. The jack has 2 USB-A ports, each providing a charging current of 2.4 A at an output voltage of 5 V. This way, two devices can be charged at the same time at "lightning speed".

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