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For a machine's life-long application

The new KOMBITAST emergency-stop with IP69K is made for mobile machines and special vehicles that have to withstand difficult environmental conditions.

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Jury convinced by extraordinary design

Two products of SCHLEGEL have been awarded with the "German Design Award 2022": the e-stop with the ball-shaped head received the title "Winner" for its extraordinary design, and the illuminated RFID cardholder got the "Special Mention".

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Emergency-stop with 4 NC contacts

SCHLEGEL expands its KOMBITAST series by four new emergency-stops. This expansion includes e-stops with 4 NC contacts, one with Faston terminals and one with PCB connection, as well as two further ones with 5-pole M12 connectors.

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New pushbutton: small, refined and robust

Small, refined, but still robust: That's how the new pushbutton of our mYnitron series for 16.2 mm mounting holes can be described. SCHLEGEL made a variant for the mYnitron series that is especially suitable for demanding requirements.

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Ready for M12 - ingeniously simple

Most pushbuttons and switches are still equipped with screw, Faston or clamping connection. This kind of wiring is associated with an increased effort and is also prone to errors. Those problems are solved by changing to the M12 connection. The disadvantage: Up to now, this change to M12 mostly requires the exchange of the complete series. The new contact block series FRT connect of GEORG SCHLEGEL GmbH & Co. KG with its M12 connection provides remedy.

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Pilot light with 7 colours

It is made in the RONTRON-R-JUWEL design and includes a RGB-SMD LED. Besides the option to choose between 7 colours, the illumination uniformity and the depth of colour have become even more homogeneous and intense.

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RFID: Entering a password goes easy

It is essential to protect systems by complex passwords. But who wants to remember and type in all those passwords each time? We show you that there is another option, using our RFID-HID reader from the RFID range: The password is transmitted automatically via a simulation process.

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The modular bus system of SCHLEGEL: One solution for many options

One solution for many options: With its modular bus system (MBS), SCHLEGEL offers one solution that can be integrated easily into several communication and bus systems. A compact module that is equipped with additional components like an RFID interface adds to the MBS.

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Highest quality down to the pushbutton

Siegfried Riebsamen is specialised in tricky situations. The owner of the company Maschinenbau Riebsamen from Allmannsweiler and his machines are required when special hurldes need to be crossed. With his special dredgers, cranes and transport devices he can use the narrowest of ways. His modified cantilevers can carry loads for several meters or also place in glass panes safely into angled systems. The manufacturer and renter of these special machines counts on quality and good service. This is something he has in common with GEORG SCHLEGEL in Duermentingen. That is why he uses pushbuttons, switches and emergency-stops made by SCHLEGEL for his machines. "Quality is important to us", SIegfried Riebsamen emphasises.

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"Creating unique selling points with design"

Designer Max Ottenwälder is working for renowned companies from different sectors and has been honoured repeatedly with international design and innovation awards. In the SCHLEGEL interview he speaks about the definition of good design and its importance for B2B business.

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