Fieldbus Interfaces

Customer-specific Solutions:
Schlegel Fieldbus Interfaces

Schlegel control and signalling units can be connected via fieldbus interface to the most common fieldbus systems (AS-Interface, CANopen, Profibus DP etc.) . We offer a wide range of products for this purpose, which includes various modular operator panels. These are manufactured according to your individual requirements and thus provide fieldbus interfaces that meet your special demand. The custom-made PC board ensures maximum flexibility in design and integration of your control and signalling units. In particular, our fieldbus-capable products are used in areas where many control and signalling units are consolidated and where the fieldbus interface has to be implemented with a minimum of wiring.

That's what Schlegel Fieldbus Interfaces offer:

  • a modular Schlegel ASI operational concept enabling the integration of diverse combinations of Schlegel control and signalling units to an AS-Interface system
  • EtherCAT module for the connection of customised operating panels to various bus systems
  • CANopen module and Profibus DB for the modular design of keypads and operating units
  • modular operating device for Profinet I/O
  • connection to other bus systems such as Powerlink and Ethernet IP
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