RFID technology

RFID technology offers a contactless, safe and simple solution to control machines or manage access authorisations. An RFID system consists of a reading device and a transponder (so-called tag) with an integrated microchip for data storage. This allows transmitting and analysing person- or product-specific information.
Compared to a standard key switch, the RFID solution of SCHLEGEL allows implementing any number of switching positions and also supplementing or replacing conventional key switches being used to control machines.
The RFID technology easily manages access authorisations to protected areas, so that a complex key system is not necessary. This technology also minimises the risk of unauthorised usage in case of key (transponder) loss. In such case, the lost transponder can be deleted from the system and easily replaced by a new one.

SCHLEGEL offers the following three RFID systems:

SCHLEGEL RIFD systems for customised applications:

  • RFID-Standard - for individual, special requirements (freely configurable)
  • RFID SKS - for quick and easy integration in areas with few requirements (up to 25 transponders)
  • RFID TMS - for flexible application in areas with complex requirements (various number of transponders possible)

Depending on the version, the RFID systems support the following operating modes:

  • cyclic and/or single reading