Limit (Position) Switches

Flexible and versatile: Schlegel Limit (Position) Switches

Schlegel limit switches are as flexible as you require it. Our range of limit switches provides you a wide variety of actuators that are specially selected for each mode of operation. The application field: switches for auxiliary and pilot circuits. Position switches are excellently suitable for the control and movement limitation, for example in machine tools and processing machines, lifts, conveyor systems or vehicles. Moreover, they serve as trigger switch, for example in safety and alarm systems. The Schlegel position switches meet the diverse equipment controlling requirements; with a multitude of contact combinations nearly all mechanical switching requirements can be implemented.

That's what Schlegel limit (position) switches offer:

  • different housing materials for the various types of limit switches for adaptation to the different operating and environmental conditions
  • a multitude of contact combinations
  • a variety of actuators which are rotatable by 90°
  • certified according to DIN 40050 IEC144 and DIN EN 50047
  • limit switches for AS-Interface
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